Brenchley Pre-School Limited
​Telephone Number:     01892  724261

Brenchley Pre-School is totally inclusive and warmly welcomes all children and families into our environment and we will endeavour to meet all children’s individual needs whatever they may be. 

We also aim to provide the best possible support for children with Special Educational Needs.  Children who are experiencing difficulties are given special attention by the staff, particularly the Special Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO), Sian Scovell) who will, in consultation with the parents, draw up an Individual Educational Plan.  In some cases, additional specialists may be approached, with the parents’ full consent, to help to provide the most appropriate support for the child.


How are all children included in all activities?


Children’s interests, interactions or enthusiasms lead their play, and activities take into account individual likes, dislikes and access or support requirements.


Everyone is welcomed by name on arrival and wished well on departure in a way that suits them.


Each child is respected and valued as an individual with equal rights and choices, and is given equality of opportunity to exercise those rights and choices.


Each child is supported when he/she chooses to play with others, to play alongside others, to play alone or not to take part in an activity.


Risks are assessed and managed to enable each child to experience and enjoy risky play, whilst managing their preferences and their own and others’ safety.


Children and adults each initiate communicate with one another in a variety of ways


Staff are highly responsive, thinking and adapting practice to be a resource to individual or groups of children, intervening, offering support or working as a team as appropriate.


All staff are aware of potential barriers to accessing play fully, and understand that attitudes, environments, structures and policies may disadvantage particular children and challenge these barriers as appropriately.


 Staff create opportunities to communicate with each child and their parent(s) to discuss how best to build on individual children’s interests, meet any specific requirements and promote their involvement and participation