Chair and Trustee:                                                      Victoria Relle

Treasurer and Trustee:                                               Clare Edler   

​Manager and Trustee:                                                 Sian Scovell

Fundraising Committee Members:                              

Claire Aplin                                                                  Sally Ball

Karen Henderson                                                        Beth Horn

Charlotte Humphries                                                   Sam Lane                          

Fiona McAndrew                                                         Liz Outten

Hannah Smithson


Brenchley Pre-School Limited
​Telephone Number:     01892  724261


The Pre-School is run by a Committee that is made up from, and appointed by, parents who come together at least once a term on a voluntary basis. The purpose of the committee is to provide governance and support for the running of the Pre-School, which includes fund raising, management oversight and

ensuring financial stability.

We value very highly the contributions that you as parents can make and urge you, if you can, to get involved. In particular we are always looking to recruit new committee members. The Committee heavily relies on the wider parent and relatives community to help out at, and support, our various fundraising events, maintaining the building/garden etc. 

Please remember that all the money we generate goes straight back into the Pre-School so that we can continue to provide the same high quality level of care and education for the children.

For further information please contact Victoria Relle on 01892 730307 or