About Us

Welcome to Brenchley Pre-School


We understand that choosing a nursery or pre-school that is right for both you and your child can be a difficult decision which is why we do our best to make it as easy as possible


We hope you will find our approach to childcare and education sets the standards rather than just simply

following them.  We can do this because we pay attention to every detail of the child’s likes and dislikes, habits, routines, cultures and lifestyles and provide a safe nurturing environment that help them become resilient, independent and confident individuals.


We are fortunate enough to have staff that show experience, dedication and enthusiasm who are all highly trained and knowledgeable and are indeed the reason that makes Brenchley Pre-School such an excellent start for your child’s first steps towards education.


We hope our Prospectus provides some insight into our ethos here at Brenchley Pre-School as well as providing you with the detail you need to make your choice.  However, there is no better way to know if a Pre-School is right for you and your child than to visit it first-hand.  So we do hope you will give us an opportunity to show how we can provide a positive foundation for you and your child.


We look forward to hearing from you.

Sian Scovell    Manager

Brenchley Pre-School Limited
​Telephone Number:     01892  724261

INSET DAY - Friday 9th February 2024.

Half-Term Starts Monday 12th February 2024.

Return to Pre-School Monday 19th February 2024

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