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The New progress Check for All 2 Year Olds


The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework focuses on three prime areas of learning critical to making sure children develop healthily and happily. These areas form the foundations on which children can then master the basic literacy skills they need for school.

The first five years of a child’s life, are absolutely critical. We want every child to thrive, regardless of their social background. If we are to tackle the attainment gap and raise life chances, we must start in the earliest years.

We know experiences in these first years have the biggest impact on how a child’s brain develops. It’s when children grasp the fundamental skills needed to do well at school and develop as happy, confident individuals. The EYFS gives professionals more freedom in how they work with children and involves parents more in their child’s learning. Fundamentally, it will make sure we are preparing your children for the challenges of school and beyond. This isn’t about making sure they can hold a pencil - children need the resilience, confidence and personal skills to be able to learn.

Parents will also get much clearer information on how your children are doing with the introduction of the progress check for all two-year-olds in early education.

Parents and professionals can be confident children are developing well and any problems will be picked up early. These checks used to be carried out by a health visitor but we, as practitioners, will now be making the assessment in the setting, where your child is playing naturally and at their most comfortable.

The Government will require all early years settings to provide this information to you as parents, this is a sharing document and we need your input..  This should be stored in your Red book and shared with your Health Visitor so that we are all working together for the benefit of your child.

2 Year Check